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Friday, December 31, 2010

See Ya Later 2010!

My kind of New Years Eve Party
As we prepare to hurl 2010 down the stairs I'm not sorry to see it go.  I expected flying cars in 2010 or at least robot computers that would try to kill me but we got neither so good riddance you let down of a year! Bring on the even less easy off the tongue 2011-- is it Twenty-Eleven or Twenty-One-One?  Personally I don't like the sound of either but I don't hold out hope for anything better than we got in 2010 so bring it on-- the bar has been lowered so this should be a good year.

I've never liked New Years-- I dig New Years Eve only because it's our last grasp of the Holiday season, those final moments of joy and revelry we save up for the whole year which prevents us from realizing it's Winter and therefore we only get about two hours of daylight and you're opening your refrigerator door for warmth of the light bulb-- but New Years Day is just a hanger on.  Sure there's some football on, and of course I'm all for it, but for the most part it's mostly all of us just standing around not believing we have to go to work tomorrow and spending the next two months writing 2010 on our checks anyway.

January and February in New England is a magical time-- just as soon as you finish shoveling out the wet slush of your driveway along comes a plow or another snowstorm so you can do it all over again.  I usually celebrate the season by falling down a flight of icy steps but I might skip that tradition this year.

I actually look forward to Ground Hog's Day for no good reason other than it's something to do whatever day it happens in February and the result means little to nothing since I can never remember if it's six weeks of winter left if he see's his shadow, or only six more weeks until spring.

Next year I'm planning on being back in Japan on a fellowship study for January - March to enjoy the lack of snow, lack of people going out in public in sweatpants or pajamas and those flat brimmed baseball caps and overall lack of everything I don't like about January - March here in the States.

But until then I'll hunker down and get books written and drawn and gripe about the next snowstorm.