ANDY FISH is a comic book artist, writer, painter, pop culture
archaeologist and film historian. He has written and drawn numerous How To Art Books, Graphic Novels, Screenplays and Comic Books.

He lectures on art related subjects and even has a painting in the collection of the National Gallery in Washington DC.
This blog will attempt to focus on all manner of art, film and pop culture but don't hold much hope that it will stay focused.

He lives 40 miles outside of Boston MA with his artist wife Veronica Lane Fish.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Happy Monday-- this Christmas week we've got Chapter 7 of Captain America, boy he was in a pickle last week wasn't he?  Wait'll you see what happens this week!

And a Christmas Classic that isn't played to death-- MEET JOHN DOE!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Da Blog

I'm back on this blog with a new commitment.
For the New Year-- here's how it breaks down;

Random Postings- New Comics in the Studio-- I collect Gold and Silver Age comics and display them in my studio on the walls-- I change the displays every week and I'll put them up here-- you'll see some great art here.

Mondays- MOVIE MONDAY-- Straight from YouTube comes some of the best old time movies and movie serials that I personally recommend.

Tuesday- Money Saving Ideas-- I recommended you switch over to Page Plus to save you tons of money on your cell phone bill-- well I've got a LOT of other ideas and I'll get into them here.  ALL of them I put into practice and ALL of them WORK!

Wednesday- Since this is new comics day across the globe I'll be posting an old Golden Age book for you to read-- completely free and on me.

Thursday- Variety Day;
MOVE REVIEWS FOR MOVIES I HAVEN'T SEEN - Hollywood keeps putting out drek that is so predictable you don't have to see it, and neither do I-- but I'll review them anyway!
ON THE DRAWING BOARD - When I can, I'll show you what I'm working on!
THINGS TO SEE- Stuff that's interesting to look it.
In other words-- all kinds of stuff on Thursdays!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - A new installment of the thrilling BATMAN Daily Comic Strip from the 1940s!  Six episodes to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Josh from Florida ordered this-- it's an 11x17 piece to fit in his theme of IRON THRONE.  He's got quite a collection of pieces for it-- you can see them here.

I wanted to do a Hulk that was closer in spirit to Jack Kirby's original run rather than the huge behemoth he's become.  I really prefer the more realistically proportioned character, sort of a combination of The Hulk as he was first envisioned and Lou Ferrigno's classic TV show appearance.

BATMAN! Dec 22nd and 23rd 1943!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dec 17th-- the day KING KONG premiered!

I still remember the date!  Dec 17th 1976 King Kong Premiered in movie theaters.   It's not even a good movie, but I loved it!  My friends and I saw it well over two dozen times back in those days before the VCR!