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archaeologist and film historian. He has written and drawn numerous How To Art Books, Graphic Novels, Screenplays and Comic Books.

He lectures on art related subjects and even has a painting in the collection of the National Gallery in Washington DC.
This blog will attempt to focus on all manner of art, film and pop culture but don't hold much hope that it will stay focused.

He lives 40 miles outside of Boston MA with his artist wife Veronica Lane Fish.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

COWLS for sale BATMAN COWLS for Sale 1966 Style

Top Left -       Williams Studio Cowl Deluxe Version - $675.00
Bottom Left - Ogawa Studios Japan Rubber mask (Sealed) - $55.00
Middle -         Williams Studio Cowl Deluxe Version - NFS
Top Right-      Mattel Cosplay Batman Cowl - $125.00
Foreground-   Batman "Joe" Cowl - $425.00

Ogawa Studios Case of Cowls x10 -  $500.00

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Vision of the Worcester Art Museum-- Or HOW I WOULD FIX WAM

The Worcester Art Museum has a long history of being a world-class museum in a city that someday hopes to be world class itself, but Worcester suffers from an inferiority complex in thinking it's not as good as Boston and Boston has nothing to brag about since it's not as good as New York anyway and New York isn't all that great.

We need only look to our friends in Providence to see what you can achieve by turning a blue-collar former mill city into a thriving populace-- art and design.  I often laugh at Worcester's blue collar status since we are home to Medical City, Ten Colleges and technology research, where exactly is the blue?

But I digress.

The Worcester Art Museum also struggles with attendance.  Forward this to the members of the Board of Directors, the leaders of this fine establishment and anyone else who will listen.  I can fix the museum with SIX steps.

1. Change the hours.   Currently the museum is open Wed-Sunday 11-5 and every third Thursday until 8pm.  Who exactly is coming in at 11am?  Retirees?  School groups?  In a city reknown for being blue collar -- which means a working class city-- are people supposed to call in sick to plan a WAM visit?

Here we go:
Tuesdays 12N-5 (hello school groups and retirees)
Wed-Sunday 3-8pm (welcome rest of the world)

Note that I accomplished this, opening an extra day AND being open for the working class population of Worcester's populace without adding a SINGLE man hour to the museum's operating budget.  Gained a day and made it more accessible.

2. Change the Cafe Hours-- currently it's open Wed - Saturday 1130am to 2pm (I'm not making that up).  And I can also tell you a pretty closely guarded open secret-- it's losing money.  Those $12 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches apparently aren't enough to keep it afloat, nor are the sometimes surly waitresses (note to Matthias-- they are nice to you, they know who you are).  Except for Allie, who is outstanding-- the place is made up of people who seem like they don't want to be there.

So now the Cafe has to be open the same exact hours as the museum, and if it's not profitable in six months please see 2B. 

2B. Turn the Cafe operation over to any one of the dozen or so restauranteers in Worcester who are getting it done.  Armsby Abbey, The Boynton, Mezcal, you name it-- here you go, pay us a small lease for the space and make yourself a fortune while bringing people in to WAM.  Run a dinner special that includes admission.

3. Restructure the Education Class offerings.  Three tiers for adults;
     A. Beginner courses-- come and find out what you might like to do with your free time, have some fun, make stuff.  Meet friends.   Coffee and pastry served at the first and last class.  Last class includes a gallery showing of your work in the museum education wing.
     B. Advanced Year Long Courses.  4 part year long courses which delve DEEP into the subjects they cover.  You finish Illustration 1 and next semester you tackle Illustration 2, etc.  At the end of the year long program you receive a certificate announcing your completion of the program.  What do you want to take next year?  Stop by the last night of classes which features an open house event where you can see the work of the other classes, meet the instructors, etc.
    C. College Credit Courses-- you can get or finish your degree in any of our accredited course programs.  Tied in with one of the ten colleges here in Worcester.

Three tiers for youth classes;
     A. Fun afterschool activity type classes.   Maybe you aren't all that serious about art but what the hey, it's fun!
     B. More serious levels of study-- Maybe you are a little bit serious about art and you want to hone your skills.
     C. Art is your life and you are planning on going to art school, then sign up for our Portfolio Preparation courses taught by Collegiate level faculty who know what art schools are looking for.

4. Co-Operate with the Community!  WAM should be in attendance at stArt on the Street, it should be prominently involved with Arts Worcester, it should be partnered with The Worcester Historical Museum and all of it's endeavors.

5. The Higgins Education Wing Gallery-- a fully functioning gallery space right there in the education wing of the Museum featuring group shows of student work, both from the museum and areas schools.  Solo shows by local artists and guest curated shows which bring in an energy and excitement each and every THIRD Thursday of the month.   This position would be helmed by a talented intern from Clark or Worcester State who hopes some day to own and operate their own art gallery.

6. Restore the Outreach program-- we should have traveling art workshops in area schools and events bringing WAM to people who can't or don't come to the museum.

There you have it-- six steps and WAM is a world class destination again.  Foot traffic is restored, and maybe, just maybe, Worcester starts to think it's as good as Providence (and maybe it would be).

FREEKISH BLUES #1 out this week

My latest book with my buddy Ken Abate will be available this week-- I'll post the live link this week right here.
This one is Breaking Bad meets Pink Floyd and the end result is wild.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ballot Questions in Ma ELECTION DAY Nov 4th

Here they are-- what they mean and how I'm voting;
One thing about Massachusetts pols, they try to confuse the hell out of the voters so their agenda gets through.

How about this one?  Do you want the Gas Tax to continue to be raised?  In Massachusetts we pay 24c a gallon for taxes, that doesn't even consider the Federal Tax that is already on there.  The monies are supposed to go to roads but you are living in a world of rainbows and unicorns if you think ANY money collected by the state actually goes where it's supposed to.  Remember this is the state (like most of them sadly) that paid $20,000.00 for curtains for the gov's office, $30,000.00 EACH for office chairs.

So do you want to continue to throw your money down a well?  No?  Well then you have to vote YES which means repeal the law that automatically raises the Gas Tax with inflation.  We're not even voting to repeal the gas tax, too many unicorn and rainbow dreamers to do that, we're just saying "please sir, don't hurt me much more."

Question 1- Massachusetts Automatic Gas Tax Increase Repeal Initiative
If you VOTE;
NO- The Tax will automatically adjust with inflation and continue to increase annually.
YES- The Tax will freeze at 24c a gallon.

ME-  C'mon--the opponents say our roads and bridges are already in disrepair and losing this additional revenue will put us all in jeopardy. 

What is spending problem, Alex?

The monies collected from the Mass Pike Tolls was supposed to end when the road was paid for back in the mid EIGHTIES, then they used the excuse that they needed to keep the tolls to help us pay for our terrible roads and bridges, sound familiar?

We need to vote to throw every incumbent out, stop ALL new taxes,  create a spending freeze and re-evaluate the status quo-- there's also NO way I'd vote for career politician Martha Coakley either.  I not only support Charlie Baker, I like him.  He was on Bill Weld's cabinet and for those of you who don't remember, Weld was the BEST governor we've ever had, period.

Question 2- Expansion of Bottle Deposits Initiative
NO- The bottle bill will remain the way it is.
YES- Will expand the bottle deposit to non-carbonated beverage bottles (i.e. water bottles).

I don't have a dog in this race, but the argument is that all of the littered water bottles everywhere will now have some value and the people who run around with shopping carts stolen from Price Chopper will now pick up those too.

I must live in a good neighborhood because I don't see any water bottles around.

I also don't drink a lot of soda but when I do I don't take the bottles back because I can't stand dealing with those sticky bottle return machines.

I DO drink a lot of bottled water, and if this goes through, I would have to start taking these back because as I said, I drink a LOT of bottled water (and I recycle the empties).

SO I'm going with NO on this one.

Question 3- Casino Repeal Initiative
NO-  The Casino law which voters OK'd in 2011 will go forward, and Casino's will be built in Ma.
YES-  We will repeal the law and Casino's will not be allowed in Ma.

This is a tough one on the surface, the argument is we need good jobs in downturned economies like Springfield-- but logic tells me gambling brings in a seedy element which is why EVERY town in the State has said they don't want them in their backyards.

Visions of Sean Connery and Honor Blackman in evening clothes danced in our heads when we voted this one in, and then we went to Foxwoods and we realized how pathetic and un-posh these Casino's are.  It's white trash city there folks.

And good paying jobs?  Nope.  These are shit jobs.  Long hours, low wages, and the effect on the economy of the communities surrounding these places?  Crime goes up, business go under.  People don't spend the night blowing all their money at a Casino and then decide to go to your fanciest restaurant after, or take in a movie or go shopping at your mall.  All of that is already at that Casino. 

Studies have shown they only pull over at the nearby gas stations on the way out to rob it or to throw themselves into traffic (actually happened) after losing their mortgage payment.

State run gambling is a tax on stupidy, and gambling is a dirty business-- we are better than this.
Voting YES.

Question 4- Paid Sick Days Initiative
NO- Law will remain the same
YES- Will implement sick time for thousands of current employees.

There are a lot of people out there working who don't get sick time, vacations, or paid time off.  I'm one.  The Worcester Art Museum doesn't offer me a single benefit and that's what I agreed to when I signed on.

Does it suck if I'm sick and miss a class (Happened three times in fifteen years) you bet it does-- but I agreed to this.  If workers want to organize and get benefits that are in their best interests then they should do that.

But regardless of all that-- regardless of what I just vote-- I'm voting YES for my fellow employees out there because let's face it-- employers don't give a whit about us and the only way they'll actually start to take care of their employees is if we mandate it.  So screw 'em.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Go Hero's DOC SAVAGE 1/6 Figure

One of my primary reasons for going to New York Comic Con 2014 this past weekend was to visit the GOHERO booth to see their latest offerings in person.  They have the license to such amazing properties as an Adam West action figure, The Rocketman (inspiration for The Rocketeer) otherwise known as Commando Cody, The Shadow, The Spider and this latest offering;


For those of you who don't know, good Ol' Doc was the inspiration for Superman and The Fantastic Four-- that's how amazing Doc is.  The figure comes with two different shirts and two different heads so you can display him either as the classic 60s James Bama style paintings (as I have here) or as the Golden Age figure who was a bit more polished.

How I got one of the figures when they aren't even in America yet I cannot say, but got one I did and I opted for the Bama head for my initial display but I plan on putting the extra head on another Go Hero body I have and creating a permanent Golden Age version too.

These figures are spectacular works of art, with real metal guns, actual leather like boots and an attention to detail you will not find with many action figure companies.

GO HERO!  They are the best!

Sunday, October 12, 2014