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Thursday, January 16, 2014

ONLINE MARKETING COURSE-- Make 2014 the Year of Change!

Make this the year you break free!

I got so many inquiries about my Marketing Class at WAM from readers around the world that I've decided to offer an online version for those of you interested in taking the class.

5 Week Course
You'll have access to a private blog where I'll post lessons, tutorials, lectures and more.  You will be given assignments and I will review your progress.

Some of what we'll cover:
    - Working more productively with better time management
    - Facing some cold hard truths
    - Marketing yourself and your work traditionally and electronically
    - Social Media
    - Writing a Press Release and getting it released
    - The value of Networking, or why you should leave the house
    - What we already know but we don't realize it yet
    - Setting up a website, registering a domain, masking a blog-- all for little money
    - Self publishing VS pitching to a publisher
I'll also review what you've done so far and give you an honest analysis of what works and what doesn't.  I'll also let you know if you're paying too much.  I had a recent student realize they didn't need to pay $40 a month for hosting and those ISBN numbers can be bought much cheaper than most sites make you think.

Class will start February 26th (provided there is enough interest, so spread the word).

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