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Monday, February 7, 2011

LIFE DRAWING at WAM - Monday Nights 730- 930

It's been great getting back into regular life drawing classes, and even better NOT being the instructor.  Instead I'm able to go and just concentrate on the work.  ANY artist who wants to improve needs to become an expert in human anatomy and even us seasoned vets need to get in there and blow the rust off.

Last week was my first visit to the new venue being held at the Worcester Art Museum (in Studio 204).  There are several WAM Instructors present but none of us are working on anything but our own artistic abilities so you get no critique from anyone unless you ask for it at the break.

The session is pay as you go, so you don't have to sign up for a full semester worth of classes, instead you pay the model fee as you walk in and that's it.  I think it's $10 but I'm not sure, Wam Faculty gets a price break.

The session was pretty full last week, despite the freezing weather, so I'd STRONGLY suggest getting there a bit early so you can set up.

What to bring?

1. Whatever art supplies you want to work with.  I'd suggest both a big and small drawing pad.  There are easels available in the room-- rather than sitting at the desks drawing I'd suggest giving an easel a try.  Position it in such a way that you don't have to turn your head to look at the model, rather you should be able to just shift your eyes.

2. Bring pencils, but try some other tools as well.  Pens, markers, even one of those dollar store watercolor sets will bring you different results.  Experiment.

3. Music with headphones!  They had classical music on, and that's fine, but I need something with a little pizzaz in it when I'm working so I loaded up the iPod and got lost in drawing the speed poses (each pose was no more than five minutes).

4. Drinks-- tea, water, coffee, snacks.  You need to keep your energy up.

I'll be there as many times as I can make it-- and I suggest you give it a try too.

WHERE: The Worcester Art Museum, 55 Lancaster Street
WHEN: Monday nights (TONIGHT) 7:30 - 9:30pm
Bring Cash for the model fee.