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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wacom CINTIQ Tablet No Sync - Go To Sleep!

How to get your Mac to recognize your Wacom Cintiq and stop driving you crazy.

All right this was driving me crazy-- I spent a day and a half on the internet trying to find an answer to this and couldn't-- now that I figured it out here's the solution-- and it's actually so easy that's why it was hard to figure out.

The message is telling you that there is No Sync between your computer and your tablet-- so it goes to sleep.  No matter what else you think-- its purely your connection OR its the DVI/VGA switch on the side of the power unit.

1. Un plug EVERYTHING-- and I mean EVERYTHING-- trust me-- I half assed it multiple times and it didn't work until I redid EVERYTHING.

2. TURN OFF both the tablet and the computer while everything is detached.

3.  CAREFULLY re-assemble your connection-- with special attention to the tightness of the connection joints.

4. Turn ON your computer-- let it completely load.

5. Turn ON your tablet-- it should reflect your desktop or at least not go to sleep.  Now you can go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES>DISPLAYS>DETECT DISPLAYS and set it up the way you want it.

NOTE:  If you go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES>DISPLAYS>DETECT DISPLAYS and you aren't able to click on GATHER DISPLAYS or DETECT DISPLAYS that means there is something faulty with your connection.


6. Throw the DVI/VGA switch and the tablet should come to life.

Trust me, I hear ya.  "I did that and it doesn't work."  Nope.   Do it the right way, making sure everything is connected and it WILL work.