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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Life Without DirecTV

WOW-- you would not believe how hard DirecTV is trying to get me to come back.  I left them in the Fall right in the middle of college football season, and I managed to survive.

This past month I dropped NetFlix too-- something I thought I'd never do.  Between my Amazon Prime membership and the app MYTUBE which allows me to download YOUTUBE content to my iPad and create a playlist-- and the terrific PLEX which lets me watch YOUTUBE on my Roku connected TV I thought I'd try breaking that $8 a month NetFlix bill-- although to be honest-- what is that a day?  26 cents?  That seems like a pretty good deal.

But DirecTV-- all right here's how it worked.

I signed up for two years with the first year guaranteed to be $30 a month.  After the first year the bill doubled to $60 a month.  On the advice of my sister I called them and complained about the bill, and they lowered it to $40 a month for the second year.  Reasonable.

When the two years was up the bill jumped to $80 a month-- not reasonable.  Again, I called-- and it's annoying as hell that you have to call them for everything.  I don't want to chat with you, open up an email account.

But they make you call so the sales rep can try and give you a pitch.

They offered to lower the bill to $60 a month-- I countered with $35 and they refused, so I told them to cancel it.  No problem, they were friendly about it.

They called back and offered $40 a month-- I countered with $20, now annoyed that they were calling me.

No deal.

We cancelled, they sent me a box to mail back the equipment-- which was easy to use.  You keep your dish on the side of your house because you'd kill yourself trying to get that down, and send everything back in the prepaid box.

They continue to call, send me emails despite my unsubscribing from them and snail mail offers.  The latest is $30 a month for two years.  No thanks.  I'm getting along fine without them.

And I plan to stay that way.