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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today is National Gorilla Suit Day!

Bob Burns as Tracy

If often gets lost amidst all the made up holidays Hallmark has created, but today is National Gorilla Suit day-- so throw on your furries and host a traditional Simian Supper!  Bananas are on the menu, of course, and there is the option to throw your own poop.

I've always wanted a gorilla suit-- my favorite Gorilla Suit of all time is the one worn by Ray Corrigan in many a B-Picture, serial and episodes of The Three Stooges.

The suit dyed white for (you guessed it) White Gorilla

Far from lifelike but frightening nonetheless, Corrigan was the guy for Ape Suit needs from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Add a horn and you've got a space gorilla I guess
The Corrigan Suit even made an appearance in one of my favorite Serials of all time-- FLASH GORDON (1936) with Buster Crabbe.

Later on, Corrigan retired and sold the suit to Steve Calvert who carried on the tradition for a few more years.  I'd love to know where the suit is today.