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Monday, April 6, 2015

The New Spring Blog at FishWrap!

Well we've BLASTED out of our snow caves and arrived at Spring!  Time to do some blog cleaning.
Numbers are WAAAAY up here at FishWrap to which I thank each and every one of you who visits.  The weekend BATMAN daily comic strips are extremely popular too as is Movie Monday.

I'm going to switch things around a bit going forward;  AND I'M MOVING THE BLOG (again) but this time I'm going to try and make it work.


This is today's BLOG post over on the REAL Blog-- so go read it!

MONDAYS- Business stuff.  Might be art product reviews, might be applications or websites that can make your life easier, might be just rambling.   Movies move to Friday so you can end your week with a classic Saturday afternoon style Matinee!

TUESDAYS- Graphic Novel and Comic Book Recommendations.  I am a professor of graphic novel studies and I get a lot of emails asking for recommendations so they'll run here on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAYS-- Stays the same, still a free comic book for you to sit back and enjoy (most of them from the Golden Age of Comics)

THURSDAYS- Things to do, places to eat-- now that we can leave our houses I'll give you some places to go.

FRIDAYS- The aforementioned Friday Night Flicks!  Wrap up your week with a movie courtesy of Me.

SAT & SUN - BATMAN will continue his comic strip adventures from the 1940s.

But remember-- for a couple of weeks I'll keep this blog up as a mirror to the "REAL" blog site, but change your bookmarks to the new site RIGHT NOW!