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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's with all the skulls???

So it's a long story.

When I first built this blog it was in a class at the Worcester Art Museum called, interestingly enough, HOW TO BLOG ABOUT YOUR ARTWORK-- as I designed the blog I needed a Google email address.

Not having one and for the sake of time I used a student's email address who happened to have one, thinking logically, with the attention of changing it later when I got my own.

Nay nay said Google.

Google let me ADD my actual email address, but I was forever linked to the ID of the student whose email I first used.


After nearly ten years I decided enough was enough and I deleted my old Google account, but cleverly making my actual email (and real Google email) attached to each and every one of my blogs as an author.

THAT way, I reasoned, I could delete the first account, effectively destroying Dr. Avi DeRoy as my constant nemesis on the Blogger account.

Nay nay said Google again.

While it did allow me to grant myself authorship AND delete Dr. DeRoy's account, it also took all of his pictures out with the end of his association. So that meant EVERY blog post I've ever written has no picture with it-- and one of my rules of blogging 101 is every post needs a pic. 

Now I could go through and replace those photos, even just a few at a time, but I think I'm going to do this instead-- I'm going to run these skulls.

New readers will scratch their heads as to why so many skulls.

But you, faithful blog friend, will know why.