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Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Heroes! #3 George S. Patton!

Jack Kirby would often relate some stories of his experiences in World War II.

I've always been fascinated by this era. In an age when we complain because our latte is taking too long, or we just don't feel so good, or we have allergies-- in this age when we make excuses for why we can't get something done, it's amazing to look back to World War II when the fate of the planet rested on the shoulders of men and women who didn't have the luxury of saying they just were too tired to get it done today.

Kirby served under General George Patton in the Third Army and he spoke glowingly of the man who was regarded as one of the toughest commanding general's in American History-- he was also the most successful-- accomplishing things no other army in the history of man were able to due all with the mantra to constantly be moving forward.

I read Patton's book, WAR AS I KNOW IT-- and found his insights remarkably on point in the business world as well. I also watched the 1970 George C Scott bio pic on Kirby's recommendation and found his portrayal inspiring. The film won a host of awards and was heralded by both pro and anti war factions as being in support of their particular cause-- a remarkable accomplishment.

He believed in the power of prayer-- asked by a reporter if he actually read the bible that was on his night stand he replied "Every god damned day."

Facing a difficult assault with poor weather that prevented his needed air support, he ordered his company chaplain to write a "weather prayer", and reading this prayer aloud himself he got the good weather he wanted.

Patton's attitude was it can be done, it will be done. There is no room for failure, only the ability to move in a continual forward motion.