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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Left to my own devices...

When Veronica is here we try and stick to a regular work schedule in our respective studios, trying to lead something of a normal 9-5 life, apparently left to my own devices I start work at either 730pm or 630am judging by the previous two days.

Apparently without someone telling me it's a bad idea I shoot up a mediocre watermelon In the kitchen with a high powered pellet gun, I do have to say watching the guts of the melon fly everywhere was amazing, the cleanup afterwards not so much.

I also rent a lower quality of film, including JOHN CARTER (where was the art direction in that film?  I thought Mars was read and they certainly did in 1888) and ZERO DARK THIRTY which was predictable, and no I don't mean because they got Usama at the end of it.  It was refreshing for someone from the Hollywood left to acknowledge that sometimes interrogation of the kind at Gitmo saves lives.  These are enemy combatants who fight without uniforms, which is itself a violation of the rules of engagement and therefore does don't grant the the Priceline of protection under the Geneva Convention.

Martin Sheen protested the torture scenes in this film and its effect on children, we all know we should turn to Sheen for child rearing advice, look at the great job he did with Charlie.