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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tonight, all things evil walk the Earth-- and you get candy.

I could never understand why we had to go to school on Halloween.  I mean it was Halloween!  We got lame holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter off-- so what the heck was up with going to school on Halloween!?

It was never about the candy for me, I could get candy anytime.  My Mom was not someone who denied me anything and I think that led to a healthy relationship with food.  My friends who grew up banned from drinking soda are the ones who have it for breakfast now.  The kid who's parents never let him watch Looney Tunes or The Three Stooges because of the violence is now serving time for assault, thanks very much.  Good intentions I'm sure but you need to teach your kid responsibility.

But Halloween is anything but reality.  It's a day when you can be someone else if you want to-- and even that isn't the appeal to me-- I'm not much for costumes.  For me its the idea that maybe, just maybe, that dog in the pumpkin patch might jump on his doghouse and battle the Red Baron, or that ghosts or witches might actually be among us.

I love the season-- its my favorite time of year. And Today, well Today is that most hallowed of holidays.

Normally I'd be sad to see it go, but I cling to the Day of the Dead Celebrations over the next few days to make it last just a bit longer-- AND we've got a big election coming up and as a lifelong political junkie who has correctly predicted EVERY Presidential Election since 1980 it's a nice runner up.