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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Blair Witch Project is actually pretty good-- especially if you watch the mocumentary first.
It's the best of times, it's the worst of times-- oh Halloween how my heart longs for you-- your colors of umber and noir, the smells of wood fire, the chance that the flicker out of the corner of your eye in those dark woods up ahead may be something sinister...

Oh Halloween!  Don't leave me!  The Television shows films that I could just as easily walk to my collection on my shelf and pop in the DVD player but this is so much better with the commercials and such!  The specials!  I love the Travel Channel showing me houses of insane people who decorate just a bit too much.

Oh Halloween your love is fleeting, it seems we go from damp humid nights in August to the brisk chill of mid-October-- we look away for a second and you're gone.  Oh sadness.  Oh madness.  Oh great Halloween.

Scariest book I've ever read:  PET SEMETARY-- the movie doesn't do it justice.
Scariest movie I've ever seen:  that's a tough one, but DEAD SILENCE is up there.
Scariest place I've ever been: Spider Gates Cemetary, Midnight.