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Monday, April 2, 2012


Wednesday at 8pm is MIDNIGHT LACE (1960) which is the ONLY Doris Day film I have any use for. It's a Hitchcock like thriller about a woman who may or may not be stalked by a crazed psycho killer.  It's the MUST SEE PIC PICK of the Week.

Doris is the star of the month so I guess I'll be watching FOX Movie channel a bit more.

Saturday at 915am is THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933) which is one of James Whale's best films.  Claude Rains made his film debut in this classic sci fi thriller which is very much a black comedy-- second only to BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in it's dark humor.

The Essentials Saturday night at 8pm is GILDA (1946) which is a well regarded almost film noir that I've never been able to get through-- but mostly because the only thing Glen Ford was ever in that I liked was SUPERMAN (1978).

THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1946) is a great film directed by Orson Welles who might be one of the most talented people ever to grace the planet, but even he should have dropped the fake Irish accent-- because it's distracting.