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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April

I'm going to foresake my usual grumpiness about those who still feel the need to celebrate the start of April with a Fools Day prank-- I remember when a Boston TV News station did it many years ago and announced a volcano had erupted in Vermont resulting in panic and the firing of almost everyone in the News department.

Yes, I hear you asking-- don't I have a sense of humor?

As a matter of fact I do-- and I appreciate wit more than any other attribute among mankind-- but let's not confuse DUCK SOUP with THE HANGOVER.

It doesn't take wit to be an idiot.

MANY years ago we had a friend who had gotten so smitten with a girl that he gave up time to be with us to spend all his free time with her-- and she wasn't exactly a barrel of fun either.  She bossed him around so much we all wondered what he saw in her.

When he got a front license plate at a mall kiosk that had his name and hers and proudly showed us we realized he had gone too far.

Being real friends, we replaced that plate with a nearly identical one-- only this one had the guy's name and the name of his old girlfriend on it.  Identical in color and design-- when I attached the plate to the car I laughed myself silly over how clever we were.

We waited for days on end for him to react-- but there was no reaction.  It wasn't until almost a year later that he walked into a place where I was standing and lunged at me for what seemed like no good reason, I dodged his first swing and asked him what his problem was.

By the second or third one he explained that he saw the plate-- and by now I had completely forgotten about it but laughed myself silly anyway.

Now that was  a prank.