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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Graphic Novel/Comic Art Courses at Emerson

EMERSON College has put it's graphic novel illustration and writing courses online and I've been heavily involved with creating a rewarding and workable online experience for both students and faculty.

This is actually a course that makes sense being handled online because THAT is exactly how business is handled now.  Everything is online-- from discussions with editors to sending proofs to uploading final pages to your inker or editor understanding the nuts and bolts of getting your work uploaded is really half the battle today-- so that becomes a huge bonus to taking the course online.

I'm handling ILLUSTRATING THE GRAPHIC NOVEL 1 for this first session, and I'll be branching into other areas of it as well as we move through the semester.  ILLUSTRATING works great not just for the artists but for the writer as well.  There isn't a writer in the world who can't benefit from learning the best ways to think visually.  It not only will help you to explain the vision in your head it'll help you understand the way your artist approaches it.

So whether you want to write or illustrate graphic novels and comics (or both) this is an outstanding opportunity and sign up ends next week so DO IT NOW.  Make 2012 the year you stop accepting excuses from yourself and get it done.