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Monday, January 23, 2012

This Week on TCM - In Like Flint

It's no secret this is my least favorite time of year on all accounts-- and my favorite movie channel falls into this slump too, but there are a few gems here:

Tomorrow at 8pm is America's answer to James Bond with 1968's IN LIKE FLINT.  James Coburn plays the domestic secret agent with his tongue firmly in cheek and it's an entertaining little film if spy movies are your bag.  The night follows up with still more 60s spy films inspired by the blockbuster Bond franchise.

At 9pm Wednesday is SWEENEY TODD; THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (1982) which is a filmed version of a Broadway performance featuring Angela Lansbury which I have to tell you is this week's CAN'T MISS PICK.  Although like almost EVERY musical (with the exception of 1970s Scrooge) the second half is not as strong as the first.

At 8:45am on Friday is EACH DAWN I DIE (1939) which is a prison film with Jimmy Cagney like most every other prison flick you've ever seen or heard of.  The elements in this film weren't cliches when they were filmed but they are now.  Worth your time.

Saturday at 9am is 1954's PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE notable for it's retelling of the Poe classic with a pre American Express Karl Malden and a shot of full frontal nudity early on that the censors clearly did not catch on the original release.

At 1:30pm is 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY with is Kubrick's epic space film and personally one I find slightly less boring than watching the hands of a clock, but there's a lot of you that like this and it has a tremendous reputation so maybe it's your thing.

Speaking of tremendous rep, THE ESSENTIALS this week is 1961's THE MISFITS which features the last screen appearances of both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe-- I've long said you can't go wrong with sitting down for any screening of THE ESSENTIALS but this might be the one that makes you doubt that sentence.