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Thursday, September 29, 2011

DRACULA new pages NEW Edition

Reworked a sequence that bothered me from the start-- in DRACULA Harker is falling asleep near the window when he hears something-- goes over to see what he's heard and witnesses Dracula climbing down the wall "like a lizard".  In my original take I did the scene in just two pages-- and frankly it was a lazy choice on my part-- rushing to get the first book finished.  Here's the reworked section;

Harker backs away from the window, shocked by what he's seen.  Dracula smiles up at him.

Is he delirious?  Losing his mind or does he really see what he sees?

Continuing his delirium, the three brides of Dracula appear to him.

I think its an improvement.  New version available NOW  FREE eBook with every hard copy purchase, PLUS if you bought the first draft I'll send you an original art sketch FREE for your trouble-- just email me.