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Friday, September 30, 2011

Renovations; The Blog and SAKARA TOKYO

I'm not sure I'm sticking with this new look for the blog-- I haven't figured out how to add links but for at least the next week I'm going to forge ahead with this version.

I liked the sleekness of the new design as I've always thought the old one is very clunky-- but we'll see.

Yesterday was an interesting day.   I sent off the final pages of WEREWOLVES to my publisher in North Carolina, had lunch at the newly renovated and now spectacular SAKARA TOKYO which has a buffet I hesitate to tell you about because it's already crazy crowded.

Getting back to the studio I had every intention of wrapping up three important assignments-- a CD Cover for a great Jazz Musician, and two important illustrations for clients.  I had every intention-- because amidst all this life sometimes gets in the way.  The UPS guy arrived with preview copies of DRACULA with it's fancy new cover and revamped interior pages and as I opened the box of 25 books I noticed the blacks-- which is probably pretty important in a Dracula book-- are splotchy and gray!  Absolutely awful.

The printer needed photographs so they could figure out if the problem was on their end-- I knew it was instantly because the streaks were in every book but they weren't exact-- telling me it was in their printing process.

I'll let you know how I make out with them, including naming names, a good printer stands by its work.  I have confidence they will too.

I did make the decision to go back to Netflix since I can watch the instant plays while I'm working without the hassle of picking out a DVD from our collection.

Today's another day-- I've got meetings and workshops and then a charity event this evening, but I'm going to try and accomplish a lot anyway.