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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEWS we got NEWS

So much news my head is going to EXPLODE!

DIAMOND DIGITAL rolls out next week-- the biggest comic book distributor in the world-- and a great bunch of guys to work with-- combined with Rob at Comixology to launch the biggest effort at conquering a new medium in this eBook realm-- and we are there.  They'll be offering DRACULA Book 1 at a greatly reduced price, then the following month we roll out with PIRATES OF MARS Book One in FULL COLOR which will follow with parts 2 and 3 consecutive months-- DRACULA will run bi-monthly in 12 parts.

THE FITCHBURG ART MUSEUM-- otherwise known in art circles as FAM-- is bringing in the great GRAPHIC NOVELS ART SHOW born at the Norman Rockwell Museum last year.  The Rockwell folks hired Veronica and I to come in and discuss the art form as well as offer a hands on lesson for anyone interested and I'm happy to say we just signed the contract with Fitchburg to do the same thing there.

WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN and Other American tales is done and in the can-- sent it to the publisher last week it'll be in stores later this fall-- full color from McFarland Books.

I just signed a contract to produce another graphic novel with a very talented writer and I expect to wrap that up mid-fall-- more when I can reveal details.