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Thursday, August 25, 2011

WooBerry! Woo!

Okay-- who are the YELP idiots complaining about prices here?  C'mon-- SIX  toppings?? You're having a bowl of candy with some Frozen Yogurt in it for cryin' out loud.  WOOBerry just opened up on Highland Street and it's a welcome addition to this funky little neighborhood.

Just because they have 30 toppings doesn't mean you have to have 30 toppings folks.  It's LOWFAT if you don't put three pounds of candy on it!    Prices are $3 for a small which is plenty big enough for the average person.  In fact, I'd go with the Petite next time so I'm not over full.  Toppings are .75 for the first one and .50 thereafter-- how many toppings do you need people??

It's cheap--the quality is OUTSTANDING and the place is really nice- with a friendly staff to boot.  Great location-- perfect for grabbing some desert after dinner.

Great funky place that fits in perfectly with the best of Highland Street (Futon Company down the street a bit).