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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The BlogOSphere State of the Blog Address

Most of the regular readers of this blog know that I write these long in advance and take advantage of the scheduling feature Blogger offers, but I still get the occasional email surprised that I'm blogging when I'm supposed to be out of town, on vacation, in a meeting, etc-- that's the magic of scheduling folks.

But sometimes I let the schedule run down a bit.  I like to stay a month or so ahead, my record is two months when I was in Japan, but this week here, the end of August, I'm only three days ahead.  There's a lot of reasons for that.

First and foremost is the horrendous horrible disgraceful service I've gotten from Verizon to fix my internet connection.  Three months of phone calls, a new router, occasional improvements but then finally scheduling a repair call three weeks out has given me online headaches to the point that I'm giving these idiots one more chance to fix it and then I go elsewhere.  I'm planning on staying with them for cell service-- I happen to think Verizon Wireless is top notch-- and I've been with other carriers, it's just a shame that the internet wing of their company isn't up to standards.

So that means running to public Wi-Fi to check my email, upload files to clients and generally making the Blog the last priority.

The only positive side is that here in the good ol' Northeast USA there is plenty of WiFi around.  Most of it is excellent-- mustn't be Verizon.

I also spent the third week of August going through WEREWOLVES OF WISCONSIN-- my latest graphic novel offering that is 120+ pages completed in under three months.  It's off to the publisher now and I'm moving on to the next projects, but I'm happy with WEREWOLVES and I think it will be something of interest to some people.

I've spent the majority of the last week at Nu Cafe, run by Josh in the old Tatnuck Bookseller's building on Chandler Street.  It's a great place and Josh does a great job of making it a comfortable place.  The food and the coffee are both top notch so give it a chance if you haven't been there in a while.

More Blog posts soon.  Be nice to each other.