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Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Monday: This Week

This week on TCM;
Tuesday at 8pm is LAWRENCE OF ARABIA-- I recommended David Lean's movie to you once before, and this time with an 8pm start time you'll still be able to go to work tomorrow when it's over.  A lavish spectacle and an incredible film.
10pm on Thursday night is ROAD TO MOROCCO which is possibly the best of the Bob Hope/ Bing Crosby road pictures-- and that's saying something.  The chemistry between these two comes across on the screen and it's still funny even after 70 years.
If you're still up when it's over ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY as an example of a classic comedy duo at the end of their career.  It's a bit on the sad side to see these two former giants of Hollywood but overall not a terrible entry in their long series of movies.

Since jumping over to DirecTV Satellite service there is a whole new slew of movie channels, so effective next week I'll be looking what's on a few of them as well.  I recommend DTV and if you're considering getting it shoot me an email and we both get $100 credit if you sign up.