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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My list of favorite actors is fairly long-- but certainly up there is Bela Lugosi.   Lugosi's acting was often hammy and over dramatic and that's why I love it.  I can appreciate actual good performances, but there's something to be said for giving it your all when your all just isn't up to par.

Lugosi was a serious actor (even playing Jesus) back in his home country of Hungary, but here in the states he gained most of his fame from playing Dracula and other horror figures.

One of the best of the worst is THE DEVIL BAT.  There's just no way you get through this one without multiple "What?"  responses.

Lugosi is an under appreciated well loved town scientist and family doctor who works for a perfume company developing new scents.  Yes, you read all that right.  Maybe you should read it again.

He is so neglected by the sinister family that he works for that they throw a dinner in his honor and present him with a check for $5000.00 as a bonus-- and remember that's 1940 dollars so we're probably looking at close to a half million today.

Lugosi decides to seek revenge on them in the only way he knows how-- by first developing a system of turning ordinary bats into GIANT killer bats and THEN developing a cologne that attracts them to their intended victims.  It's not like he could just show them a picture of who they should kill, right?

Lugosi slathers the foul smelling cologne on one family mamber (Lugosi accent there) after another and then wishes them GOOD-buhy which is the code for you are dead now.

The movie travels briskly and is so bizarre you'll understand what inspired Ed Wood a few years later.