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Sunday, January 23, 2011

WAM Life Drawing Drop In Session Starts Monday

Worcester State College used to host a drop in life-drawing session every Wednesday and it ran for many years, unfortunately they've decided to stop-- but the Worcester Art Museum has stepped up and decided to host it for this semester.

The advantage to the drop in style is that you can come for as many as you want and pay as you go-- if you want to sign up for all eight sessions you'll save $10-- but if you're like me you really don't want to commit-- especially in the winter with questionable weather.

The session is from 730-930 Mondays for the next eight weeks.  There is NO INSTRUCTION-- this is NOT a class-- it's merely a nude model for you to practice your anatomy.

There is an $8 or $10 model fee for each session, so bring cash.  Life sessions are essential to each and every artist no matter their experience.  Will Eisner continued to take life drawing sessions into his eighties, so do yourself and your art a favor and make time these cold Monday nights to get some drawing time in.

Starts Monday January 24th.  WAM's phone number is 508.799.4406 and space is limited.