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Monday, January 24, 2011

Life Drawing Session Starts Tonight at WAM


I got a few emails from people about yesterday's post regarding Life Drawing Sessions beginning tonight at WAM--  involving curiosity and clarification:

1. Most "pro" artists don't get enough life drawing in, it's hard with deadlines and real life getting in the way, so don't feel bad if you're rusty.  It is a fundamental to improving your skills as an artist.

2. These Monday sessions are NOT classes.   There is no instructor present, although I'm quite certain the room will have 2-3 Wam Instructors there to draw-- but we are there to draw just like the students-- there will be no critiques unless it's student to student.    Sid Solomon is there to oversee the model's poses and the running of the session but he isn't there to evaluate your work or technique.

3. It's pay as you go-- $8-10 a session (I'm sorry I can't remember how much it is and I don't see the price on the site.  This is a bargain since most places charge $20.

4. What to bring:  Sketchbook, sketchpad, pens, pencils, paint--whatever medium you want to work in.  I plan on bringing both a big pad and a small one and some assorted drawing tools.  I'll also have a JUMBO coffee, iPod and headphones.

5. What to expect:   We'll be set up somewhere in one of the studios-- park your car and come into WAM thru the Lancaster Street Entrance-- walk straight to the Education Wing and you'll see the registration desk on your right.  The lovely and talented Elaine is on duty and I'm pretty sure she'll be collecting your $$-- or she'll tell you where you should go.

Once in the studio, and the session starts at 730, you'll find a spot to work.  Grab a chair or an easel and set yourself up both so that you have a good view and you aren't blocking the rest of the class.  The model will be set up either in the center of the room or at one end, the pose is anyone's guess and basically falls to Sid to decide.

Most life sessions involve a series of short poses and then one long one.
Model could be young, old, male, female that's the magic of Life Drawing-- you get to learn how to draw anyone.

So brave the frigid night temperatures and get yourself to the Life Drawing session. Your artist self will thank you.