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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground Hog's Day! My Man Godfrey and Captain America Chapter 13

We interrupt Movie Monday to announce it's Ground Hogs Day.
See, here in the Northeast we were SO desperate to have winter come to an end we all started killing ourselves, then somebody realized "Hey!  Let's start a tradition!"

And thus was born the day upon which we travel near and far to watch a rodent peek it's head out of a hole in the ground to see if there will be six more weeks of winter or six weeks until SPRING or something like that.

Here's the deal-- if the Groundhog, who I'm told has exceptional 20/20 vision, see's his shadow he runs back into his hole-- so six more weeks of winter.  44 days of shoveling this shit and putting up with unbearable cold.

If however he does NOT see his shadow then Spring is right around the corner-- in six weeks or so-- only 44 days until Spring!! YAY!!

Of course the throngs of media and spectators gathered around said groundhog hole might have something to do with scaring him-- I know if I stuck my head out the front porch to find cameras and reporters waiting for me I'd pull a 60 Minutes style duck and cover.

So will he see it or not?  Who knows.  12 days until you can either trudge through the snow to take that special person out to dinner or you can sit at home alone and forlorn at how lonely you are.  Either way!  HAPPY GROUND HOGS DAY!!

Oh yeah, some movies;

CAPTAIN AMERICA CHAPTER 13- Skyscraper Plunge!  This one's a pip!

How about Carol Lombard and William Powell in MY MAN GODFREY (1936) a sophisticated comedy about homelessness!