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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

If you read my blogpost a few days ago you'd understand the significance to the 1942 comic book above.  I got that in on Xmas eve.

So today's my birthday.  Xmas baby.  All my life I've heard it must be tough having a birthday so close to Xmas, and yeah it kind of is.  You end up with a few Xmas/Birthday combo presents and the time of year is so busy sometimes it kind of gets forgotten.

I'm reminded of a John Wayne movie I've never seen.  There's a clip where he's talking with Lauren Bacall and it seems like he's heading out on a suicidal gunfight and he says to her it's his birthday.  Kind of like hey it's no big deal but, well, it's my birthday.

I know how he feels.

It's been a year.  After 2013 which ended with me fresh out of surgery and recovering in Japan I have to say 2014 was pretty solid.

We started the year in Japan, came back to one of the longest winters I've ever seen.  We did some traveling, hitting comic book conventions in Charlotte (where we got to meet face to face with the brilliant writer JJ Kahrs), spend time with my good friend Paul Howley and his lovely wife Mal, Chicago, Boston and New York.

I was honored with a lifetime achievement award for The Boys and Girls Club where I spoke at Mechanics Hall for the Hall of Fame Ceremony.  It was amazing to be up on a stage of such historical significance.

We helped the Worcester Art Museum with KNIGHTS, Veronica designing the new mascot and doing her best to protect his memory from the Higgins Collection, and I got them a screen worn Batman suit as well as vintage comic books for their exhibit.  Currently the Batman 15 on display in the gallery, which is the only cover appearance of Batman using a gun, is from my collection.

Speaking of WAM Veronica and I ended our relationships there.  I've written pretty briefly about that decision already, but I'll get into it further on Tuesday.  I've pulled my punches but I think the global community needs to know exactly what's going on there, at least from my perspective as a longtime member of the faculty.