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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WHAT is going on with this BLOG???

Well, new header for one-- makes me laugh.

I haven't abandoned the blog, not by a longshot-- but time and time to BLOG has gotten away from me-- so I opted to switch over to TUMBLR as my official blog but I still get emails everyday from people who come to this one, so I linked them.

It's not always a perfect marriage-- sometimes the images load, sometimes they don't-- and you get far less witty commentary from me.

My switch to a smart phone also made a huge difference, I do almost everything web-related from my phone now.

Speaking of which, I've been with them for three months now and I can't say enough good things about REPUBLIC WIRELESS.

I have a Motorola G 16GB phone with nearly unlimited data (52GB a month-- I use an average of 500MB) all for $25 a month.  I switched over from Page Plus who was charging me $12 a month for my dumb phone-- and I'll tell you switching to a smart phone was the second best decision I made this year (buying a new car with better gas mileage was first).

Check them out at the link above. 

A FEW Things you'll want to know going in;

1. You need to buy one of their Wi-Fi enabled phones.  Moto G or Moto X.  It'll cost you between $150- $300 depending on the phone you get.

2. They have virtually NO customer service, so if you're someone who needs your hand held when you're dealing with technology they may not be for you.  They respond almost instantly to me via Twitter when I do have a question, but they have no customer service number and are slow at email, which is where all the complaints come in.  However the vast majority of people who need to call in probably shouldn't have a smart phone in the first place.

3. It's a wi-fi 3G or 4G phone (you choose the plan) and the call clarity is great.  The switch from WiFi to 3G (my choice) is seamless. 

4. I LOVE this phone.