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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Predictions!! Predictions!!

Two sets of predictions this time around-- one short one, we'll check back here on March 8th to see how I did and one longer one-- checking back on Dec 8th.

First Set
February was brutally cold but one of the least snowy winters on record here in New England with a total snowfall of under 10".

Whatever the name of the Bradley Cooper movie is will win the Oscar for Best Movie, filmed right here in the Big Woo-- Worcester has a celebratory parade but none of the stars agree to appear.

Second Set
Charlie Baker wins the Governership of Massachusetts in his second attempt at running.  Martha Coakley still can't get people to like her.

Congress goes to the Republicans-- an angry voter populace is sick of the gridlock, unfortunately because many of those Reps are Tea Partiers who refuse ANY compromise the gridlock will continue.

Obama Care remains a mess.

The Minimum Wage is not raised on a Federal Mandate.

The Worcester Art Museum re-asserted itself as THE Art Education mecca for Central Ma and re-established the programs that made it the institution its been since the 1920s.

After the year I had in 2013 plagued with health problems 2014 has been a winner-- I maintained my 170lbs weight, visited the gym 3x a week and feel better than I ever have as I head towards my birthday.

NOTE!  I wrote this several weeks ago-- I've already missed on #1 with 14" of snow in one storm early in February-- so I'm not real hopeful on these.