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Sunday, February 16, 2014

1966 Batman Comic from DC Comics; Captures the Worst of the TV Show

Even though I'm a little miffed they didn't come to me to do it, I give DC Comics credit for doing a comic based on the '66 Batman.  It's been pretty well received although I've heard complaints from genre fans that it's a bit too silly sometimes.

I'd agree.

Jeff Parker, who has been writing it, obviously watched a few episodes of the show-- but the thing he missed is the de evolution of the series from outright camp classic to silly parody of itself-- which is what caused the ratings to plummet and killed the series only two years after it's record breaking premiere.

Series lead writer Lorenzo Semple Jr wrote a huge bible on the series at the time, and warned against going the outright parody route.  Camp needs to be handled very delicately, and unfortunately this offering from my favorite comics company is too heavy handed to really be great.

They have my number-- I can fix it.