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Thursday, January 16, 2014

UMASS University Medical is tops in my book.

I get tired of people bashing Worcester, although I certainly have been guilty of it.  More tomorrow, but one thing struck me about the Woo-  we are home to one of the greatest hospitals in the world.

My surgery back in early November marked only the second time I've ever spent a night in a hospital, or in this case four.  My previous experience was in having my tonsils out at age two during an era when your parents couldn't stay with you and I still remember being in the crib and my mom walking away.  Holy trauma!

I ended up getting admitted after arriving (and collapsing) in the Emergency Department at UMASS University Medical Campus.  My first night spent in a bed in a hallway as the hospital was packed, they eventually found us a quiet room and wheeled me in where I managed to get some sleep.

They woke me early the next morning around 630 and rushed me into surgery.  I remember little of the being put under and it felt like only seconds and I was waking up in post op.

Through my stay the nurses and doctors were outstanding, polite, friendly and attentive.  In fact everyone from the interns to the people who took my food orders were stellar, and I can't say enough about my chief surgeon Dr James Carrol.  A talented artist who told me he and his college room mate had hoped to make their own graphic novel back in med school.  I knew going in I was in good hands.

I'm still stunned to say, it was one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had.  No complaints at all.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing world class facility right here in the Big Woo.