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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Random Japan

Don't know if it is the actual Little Best Cafe but I will try it and let you know.

They advertise hamburger sandwich and egg and cheese, I've yet to find a decent hamburger in Japan, although I've also not looked very hard since I've pretty much given up red meat.

I like this place, it's rumored the Motorcycle in this salon belongs to the owner and she rides it in there every morning.

Some tall apartments not far from where we are staying in Nagoya.

Yakatori man sets up across the street from the Hiribari subway stop. I don't eat breaded octopus balls, but I'm told they are good.  I tried octopus many years ago and found it chewy and fishy, a taste and a texture I don't enjoy.  Now the Goyza man set up about a mile down the street, he knows my name and calls to me when I walk by.

Nice little steakhouse.  Some restaurants in Japan still allow smoking, now I am well known as an anti smoking Nazi, if you ask me if you mind if I smoke at our table after a meal I'll ask if you mind if I spit in your drink because it's equally vile.  Smoking sections in restaurants don't work, the smoke is still there and it makes your meal gross.

If we walk into a place that has smoking we turn around and walk out.  One of the biggest things I miss about America is the anti smoking police.