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Saturday, April 27, 2013

NPR.. WHO is Listening to this??!!!

Since WTKK 96.9FM Boston abandoned the talk programming, and to be honest, some of it was lousy-- although I miss John Batchelor's Show tremendously and I did listen to Jim and Margery every morning.  Upon rumors they'd be showing up on NPR I switched over to that for my daily radio ritual and I stuck with it through the whispering drone of one boring host after another-- I do like WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME  and another game show like comedy program, both of which are on Saturdays.

But during the weak (spelling intentional) we get one lame one sided story after another.  This morning they were gong over the recorded calls from listeners who read their own poetry pertaining to tax time-- boy there were some gems in there.  Now they're talking the NRA and why they oppose a national gun registry.

The person they were interviewing basically poo pooed the idea that the NRA is concerned in some kind of Big Brother action that the government might do should they decide to go around and round up guns from those law abiding citizens who registered them, which will in turn mean that only criminals and the police will have guns so the rest of us can cower in the corner with our fellow NPR listeners and pontificate the issues affecting Latvarian refugees.

Interesting that we don't round up illegal aliens, or that the left objects to a registry of sex offenders or those listed as clinically insane because we don't want to label people.  Okay to label gun owners as nuts though.

There was no attempt to get someone with an opposing view on.  Maybe Fox does the same thing on the opposite end, I don't know.  I don't watch Fox either.  I get my news like most Americans from The Daily Show and gossip columns.

So never mind the biased story telling-- and yes folks, I am a liberal Republican who wishes we could go back to the days of bows and arrows but recognizes that criminals don't register guns and if someone is trained they should be allowed to carry a firearm.  I know at least one former career criminal who went straight after running up against an armed victim who scared him straight.

But it's the mindless drivel on NPR that boggles my mind.  Do people actually listen to this?
Poetry by ordinary people about tax time with jeweled nuggets like...

"it was the best time I had.
because it made me think of my dad."

We're funding this??  And HOW does it cost any money to put junk like this on the air??