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Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Virginia there is No Bigfoot.

Yup, using this photo again.
FINDING BIGFOOT is a "reality" show on Animal Planet about a team of misfits who chase around the country trying to convince each other that whatever flimsy evidence they are investigating clearly indicates that they have found another Bigfoot.

Evidence like:
* A Candy bar set out as bait is eaten--clearly the work of the 'Squatch (as he is often called) since none of the overweight members of the team would ever eat it.
* Grainy video of a person in an ape suit running through the woods-- it couldn't be a costume because that wouldn't be possible.  Who would do that?
* A baby sasquatch jumping in the trees behind the subject of a video, couldn't be an escaped chimp even though one was reported, because its known that baby sasquatch often climb up trees (just like Chimpanzees).

My favorite parts of the show are when the team leaders describe habits of the Bigfoot-- like disguising their screams to sound like Coyotes to fool us into thinking its just a coyote, or that they often knock on trees to communicate with each other.  It's a known fact they tell us-- it is?  HOW.  HOW is it known?
We don't know how Great White Sharks are born, but we do know they exist so we can conjecture about it.

But all we know for certain about Bigfoots is they have a strong attraction to Bionic Men.