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Monday, February 4, 2013


Ugh.  31 days of Oscar continues which means there will be a lot of overly drawn out dry as dust films for the next month.  Just one more reason I hate February.

Tonight (tomorrow morning actually) at 1215am is BULLITT (1968) with Steve McQueen which is a well regarded detective action movie in the spirit of the French Connection.  I've never seen it-- maybe I will someday, but you should watch it.

Wednesday (okay Thursday) at 1230am is THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) which is James Whale's masterpiece-- it is a careful mix of black humor and horror and features cinematography that would make statues cry.  I took my wedding vows from this film, that's how much I like it.

NAKED CITY (1948) is on at 4am that same night-- with Barry Fitzgerald as a New York City Police Detective-- it's a great little film that spun off into a TV Series in the 50s.

Thursday at 330pm is BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET (1958) which is a pretty funny Italian film about inept bank robbers.  I own this one on DVD so it's worth watching.

THE STING (1973) is on at 1045pm and it's a lot of people's favorite movie-- not mine I'm afraid.  I really dislike the film making style of the early and mid seventies-- this feels not authentic at all and I never get the sense that anyone isn't acting.  I just don't like this movie, but I bet you will.

THE MARK OF ZORRO (1940) is on Friday at 1130am-- Tyrone Power makes a pretty good Zorro- and Basil Rathbone is the bad guy so it's got to be good.

GRAPES OF WRATH (1940) is on at 11pm and THAT is certainly a great film.

TITANIC (1953) is on at 6pm the ship hits an iceberg and starts to sink, human drama ensues. I like that the story could be told in under two hours, making the Jim Cameron version look bloated, which it is by the way.