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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I posted some Dracula pages a few weeks back and the lovely and talented right honorable Bret M. Herholz commented the following-- which I certainly appreciate:

I know the plan is to have it in full color. But this looks amazing in Black and White!!

Which gives me the opportunity to show off some of the amazing coloring Veronica is doing for the book:

Subtle and slightly understated, garish in places it needs to be-- I absolutely love what she's doing here. As much as I love black and white-- and it's definitely my preference-- when given the chance to work with the best possible printing quality on hi def white paper it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.

What I really love about this collaboration (and we're doing it as a trade while I do some ghost work on Frankenstein for her) is that I just give her pages-- usually with some minor notes like "red" or "green" or day, night, interior, etc, but the color is all Veronica and so far looking at the 60+ pages she's handed in I've needed to make exactly zero changes.

Her sense of color is just simply astounding.