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Monday, December 10, 2012


Tonight at 8pm is GRAND HOTEL (1932) which is a pretty good movie with Greta Garbo.  GRAPES OF WRATH (1940) is on at 115am  (Tuesday morning).

Tuesday you can catch THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (1960) which is a cowboy remake of Kurasawa's SEVEN SAMURAI (1954).  Even if you don't like western's this is a good movie.

Thursday has LES MISERABLES (1935) with Frederich March on at 8pm if that version doesn't work for you can catch the Michael Rennie version from 1952 at 10pm and if you're not Miz'd out stick around for the 1934 version which I've never heard of but it's on at Midnight.

Friday THE INFORMER (1935) is on at 6am-- and that's a pretty powerful film.   CITIZEN KANE (1941) hits the screen at 145pm.

Saturday features FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) at 615pm which is regarded as a real classic, but I don't see it.  It's dated and slow but its got great colors.

THE BAND WAGON (1953) is The Essentials this week at 8pm and it looks and sounds like it's either a western musical or a musical about a band that travels around and in either case I'm not going to watch it-- but don't let me stop you.