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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

Eleven years ago some three thousand innocent people, some of them Americans, some of them from all over the world, woke up, said goodbye to their families and then died doing nothing more than going about thier day.

Four groups of abject cowards committed these horrific acts-- and the final group discovered what happens when the group you are attacking realizes what you're doing and decides to fight back-- they failed their objective.

I'm not overly religious but it gives me great comfort to envision them suffering endlessly in the bowels of Hell now joined by a one eyed Osama Bin Laden who showed his valor in his final moments by throwing his wife at Seal Team Six.

Kudos to President Obama for having the guts to put the resources into taking that madman out, but he still owns the shame of the previous administrations that no longer have the stomach to actually declare war before sending our troops into harms way.  If we fought the Nazi's in WWII the way we handle world conflict today we'd all be goose-stepping our way to our daily bread line.

I'm grateful the earlier generations didn't suffer from our weaknesses.

I won't forget Sept 11th, the same way I haven't forgotten Dec 7th or Nov 22nd, it makes no difference that I wasn't alive during the other two dates when our country is attacked its something none of us should forget.

Nor should we forget that those ill-advised martyrs who would hope to do us harm are still out there just waiting to get lucky.  We need to think about that as we head to the polls for the election in two months, sadly I'm not enamored with either of the major parties or their candidates.

It's time for a legitimate third party in this country-one made up of the moderates and middle of the road voters who think we should all have the freedom to marry any other human being, worship whatever religion we choose while keeping those same religious leaders out of politics and not stand by while the rights of our fellow Americans are violated.

We need to welcome those immigrants who choose to come to our country legally and with due process and help them to enter our society and way of life.  We need to end welfare as it stands and get back to workfare as President Clinton envisioned it.

We need to stop bailing out corporations who continue to make bad business decisions and we need to prosecute those on Wall Street who violated the laws and threw our economy into the toilet in the first place.

We need to teach this new generation that the government is not here to provide a handout, but that democracy isn't free.

To quote JFK; Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.