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Monday, July 23, 2012


Anne Jeffries and Morgan Conway in DICK TRACY, DETECTIVE (1945)
Today at 430pm is THE HURRICANE (1937) with Jon Hall and Maria Montez, the pair made a series of films set in the tropics and this is one of them.  Directed by John Ford so you can't go wrong.

TREASURE ISLAND (1934) is on at 1230am with Jackie Cooper and CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935) is on at 230am-- set your DVR!

Tuesday 1015am has STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) which is a solid Hitchcock film.
DOA (1950) is on at 430 which is a great offbeat Film Noir with a couple of odd choices film score wise, but a great movie anyway.

PYGMALION (1938) is on at 8pm with Leslie Howard in the original go of MY FAIR LADY without the music, which makes it better.

MEET JOHN DOE (1941) is on at 815am Wednesday-- the snowstorm scene will be welcome as we sweat ourselves silly in July.  Great movie with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.

IN LIKE FLYNT (1967) is on Thursday at 1230pm-- with the success of James Bond film makers got in on the act and this is James Coburn as an American version of Bond that is entertaining.  It's no GOLDFINGER or THUNDERBALL by any means, but it's light and fun.

Friday night is TRICKY DICK night with a lineup of Dick Tracy films starting with;

DICK TRACY (1990) Warren Beatty is terrific as Tracy, and the films Art Direction really steals the show.  Fast paced, well done and even Madonna can't kill it.  That starts the night at 8pm but stick around for

DICK TRACY, DETECTIVE (1945) at 10pm which stars Morgan Conway as Tracy--he's great and so is the supporting cast tracking down a serial killer.  It's actually a terrific film noir too-- with great lighting and atmosphere.  It's the first of a four film series from RKO featuring Chester Gould's popular comic strip detective and the best of the lot.


If you're still wanting more...

DICK TRACY VS CUEBALL (1946) at 1145pm finds Conway returning to the role with another serial killer and still a great cast, slightly less atmospheric and a bit more comic strip-ish.

DICK TRACY'S DILEMMA (1947) closes out the night at 1am with Ralph Byrd taking over the role of Tracy-- he'd played him earlier in film serials for Republic Pictures and is preferred by many but not by me.  Still a good movie and a serial killer with a hook this time.  Hooks are fun.