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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Words of Wisdom from a Coffee Shop

"Things that are impractical, are like, impractical, you know?"
"Yah, you're right."
"I mean, I want to repress things, it might be, like, summer, and I want to be on my own but..."
"Didn't he do his job search online?"
"No, it's like, move out, you move out.  Come back for the summer but I don't have to go to class if I don't want to."
"I think he's, like, totally spoiled by his parents."
"Exactly.  So it's like, move out and get on your own.  I've got a job."
"Who wants to, you know, live with their dad?"
"What does your Mom think?"
"She thinks I should."
"I know!"