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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Of Mother Nature and Earth

Vader would have had a bigger challenge against Mom
It's really no surprise to me that my mom's birthday falls on Earth Day-- as a kid I would not have been a bit surprised if you told me that she was actually Mother Nature-- I know it's normal for kids to think their parents are more than just normal people-- but in my Mom's case it was more than that-- my friends saw it, my teachers all seemed to quake in fear should she be called in for some event and she is someone who carries herself like a petite tornado.

As an adult it surprises me everytime I see her that she's closer to 5'2" tall than the 6'4" I remember from my childhood, but don't let her size or her extremely polite demeanor fool you-- don't mess with her, she won't take it.

She taught me respect and courtesy to everyone who provides a service for you.  I remember questioning her once as to why she said thank you to the bus driver as she and I would get off a bus and she set me straight.

That's just what you did.

You said hello to the man sweeping the hall and you asked him how his day was, you thanked the bus driver or the policeman who signaled you it was okay to cross the street.  You thanked your waitress as you left a restaurant and you tipped 20% if the service was professional.

She also taught me you don't run from a fight, and you don't let someone wrong you.  She taught me how to stand up for what you believe in and to defend someone else's right to believe differently than you.

She remains my most trusted advisor and she has stood with me through good and bad, never allowing you to question whose side she was on, but letting you know when she thought you might be making a mistake.

She taught me what an A-Type personality was before I even knew there was one.

Growing up, and I know you find this hard to believe, I was a pain in the ass.

I was an extremely picky eater, prone to lying down in the middle of the store if I felt the shopping trip had gone on too long as a signal I was ready to leave and impossible to buy clothes for.  I refused to try anything on and would stubbornly refuse to pick a single item of clothing and then once bought announce at home that I didn't like it.

I've said before I'm lucky there is no such thing as a time machine because I would go back and pistol whip my younger self silly.

She had endless patience with me; although once I remember her yelling at me "FINE! Go to school bare-ass then!" as she stormed out of a particularly exhausting shopping experience-- and I remember equally well how embarrassed I was by the outburst and couldn't for the life of my understand why it had happened.

It was an eye opener for me and made me realize you don't want to ignite that fire.

She's Grace Kelly and Obi Wan Kenobi in one-- and I could certainly imagine had she been the one to face Darth Vader in that final showdown the series would have taken a different turn.

Happy Birthday Mom!  I love ya!