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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mr Fish goes to the Doctor

More of these would solve our medical crisis
I don't like going to the doctor.  I do my annual checkup but unless I'm REALLY sick I'm not going-- and this is not out of some fear-- it's about the pain it is to just get an appointment-- and then sit in a waiting room full of sick people who are probably giving me something else while I wait.

So when I do go-- it's serious enough that I'll put up with it.

Since changing insurance,  I don't love the hassle of my new doctor, so I opted to head to THE DOCTOR IS IN over on PARK AVENUE in Worcester at 5:23 one Wednesday Afternoon on my way to NU CAFE to teach my online Emerson class.  Thinking if it was crazy busy I would give it a shot after the class which starts at 7pm.

I got a space right in front, walked in-- paid my $40 and got diagnosed with a severe sinus infection and was over at Walgreens dropping off my prescription by 5:40!  AMAZING.

All this and Dr. Miller is a fantastic guy to boot.  Thorough and efficient-- he got me in and out in under a couple of minutes and already I'm feeling better.

Rather than try to fix insurance the government should consider tossing insurance out all together and going with more of these types of places.  What a huge difference.