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Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Take Over WoMag Again! Cartoon Issue

On Newstands today is our Annual Takeover of Worcester Magazine Year in Review Cartoon Issue.  It's a chance for a bunch of us to have some fun with some of the more interesting stories of the year.  It's also my chance to poke fun at my favorite polls, all of whom have a great sense of humor about it!   SuperTim Cover by me.  Thanks to all my fellow cartoonists who took the call and ran with it.

Jim Riel
Alison Cowell
Mike Briggs
Christopher Whitehead
Bret M. Herholz
Sally Scott

Stories included Tim Murray's remarkable driving, The Surprise of Joe O'Brien dropping out of the Mayor's race, Babs Haller losing her re-election bid, Occupy Worcester, The Chicken Ordinance and more.

Always fun and thanks to the contributors and to WoMag Editor in Chief Doreen Manning-- someone can untie her and let her out of the closet now.