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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tokyo Takes It

TOKYO's Shopping District
I'm a city boy.
As much as I can certainly appreciate the beauty of a wide open field or a quiet night in a small town, cities are where it's happening for me.  Coming from the Metropolis known as The Big Woo I'm often surprised when people from surrounding towns speak of it with a sense of awe and menace.  It takes a lot to impress me.  I'm not one of those folks who stumble around mumbling "Worcester sucks!" (it doesn't) any more than I live in the delusion that it's just as good as Boston (it's not).

TOKYO has always been one of my favorite cities.  I love the food, the ease of getting around, the friendliness and the absolute sense that you are absolutely on the other side of the world.  As "Western" as it's become unlike major cities around the US and in many cases in Europe which all share some common traits you are constantly reminded that you aren't in Kansas anymore.

There were only two things I really missed when I was there, Good Coffee and Hamburgers.  Interesting because although I drink a LOT of coffee I don't eat that many Hamburgers but the idea that I couldn't get one that was edible or even reminiscent of a 'real' hamburger made me want them even more.  I tried Mossburger and a few of the other burger joints which served up a mealy sausage patty like excuse for a burger.  McDonald's managed to keep the burger like they do in the US, but c'mon, if your idea of a good burger is McDonald's you have to get out more.

I finally found a good coffee place in the Ueno district of Tokyo, offering American Coffee, burgers eluded me.

Until now.