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Friday, January 27, 2012

ArtsWOO: Tombstone

ArtsWorcester has a new director, and as much as I really enjoyed working with Jan Seymour who has now found her way to the Worcester Historical with my good pal Bill Wallace, I'm always excited to hear the new ideas a change in leadership offers.  WAM has a new director whom I have been thrilled to work with (more soon) and Juliet Feibel at ArtsWoo seems to be my kind of director.

Through my buddy Cindy Woehrle who has been championing ArtsWorcester for longer than I can remember I got in touch with Juliet who asked if I'd be interested in a show that would be both fun and different.  I'm not going to get into too much detail here, but this is the piece I'm putting in.

I was inspired after watching an episode of Pawn Stars in which a seller brought in a Colt .44 revolver and I decided I have to have one of these.  I love the look of this gun and the way it comes apart.  Sleek and modern this was a game changer for the Civil War.

It'll be on display this fall, more when they make an announcement.