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Monday, December 5, 2011

This week on TCM; Let the Dickens in...

A night of Dickens tonight-- among them at 945pm is the 1938 version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL which is considered by many people to be THE best version of the story on film.

Tomorrow night at 9pm is A CHRISTMAS STORY (1983) with Ralphie wishing for both a Red Ryder BB Gun and less commercials than there are when this airs on TBS on Christmas Eve-- no commercials on TCM!

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) is on Thursday afternoon at 12:45, Hitchcock's most polished film is well worth another watch.  MY MAN GODFREY is on at 11:30pm and I'll always consider it a Xmas film since I remember getting this and MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE on VHS back when I was a kid from my favorite aunt-- I loved old movies even as a kid!

Saturdays ESSENTIALS showing is THE CAINE MUTINY (1954) which might be a great film but it's hard for me to watch ANY Bogie film after 1948's KEY LARGO-- Bogie was clearly sick and past his prime.