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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Questions and Answers

Got a pile of mail, and I thought why not answer it right here.  Kills two birds and all...

Q- What are you working on now?
A- Right now I'm plotting out DRACULA Chapter 5 as I illustrate Chapter 3.  I'm also considering what my next project will be with McFarland and actively discussing projects with both Quarto and another publisher.

Q- What is your work day like?
A- It varies, depending on if I have a class, if it's the weekend, etc.  For the most part I get up fairly early-- around 730-8, walk the dog and handle writing assignments in the morning.  After lunch I usually run errands and then I work on art at night.  I find the night time to be more productive for me.

Q- What TV Shows do you like?
A- THE WALKING DEAD on AMC Sunday nights has me hooked, I think the writing is exceptional and even though I don't like zombies this is could be a story about any kind of plague.  I also don't miss TOP CHEF on Bravo and I like to keep up with THE OFFICE.

Q- Do you watch the HOT Artist Show on Bravo?
A- I saw half of an episode and decided I really liked Sucklords action figure art.  But no, I don't watch it.  I'm pretty sure if I was a Chef I wouldn't watch TOP CHEF either.  You see too many silly flaws when you know the biz.

Q- What's the deal with BAT MAN 1939?  When's it coming out?
A- That's a good question.

Q-What classes do you teach and do you recommend art school?
A- I definitely recommend art classes, I take them myself to stay fresh and focused.  RISD and WAM have terrific art courses available.  There's always a list with links to what I teach over on the right of the blog.

Q- You seem to have limitless energy with all your projects, any secrets?
A- Exercise, attitude and vitamins.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Focus on your goals, make a TO DO list and then get it done.

Q- Any other convention appearances you can announce?  I'd love to get a sketch from you.
A- You can commission sketches right here, in fact we can now take credit cards.  A convention sketch is much different than a commission.  A Commission is full blown illustration and can take several weeks to complete (sometimes months sadly) because commercial gigs come first.  But convention sketches are much simpler, done in an hour or less so you'll get them within a few days of ordering it.  Convention style sketches are $20 in pencil and $40 full inks (add $5 shipping in the US).  Just shoot me an email to get on the list.

As for conventions next year-- I'll definitely be at Wizard World Boston-- a show I just don't miss when it comes around.  I plan on doing three shows next year, and I will be at NYCC in October I'm just not sure if I'll be officially set up or just walking the halls.

Q- Any advice for people wanting to break in?
A- Deliver what you promise on time.

That's all the Q's for now-- but you can also check an interview Jazma Online did with me here.