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Friday, November 25, 2011


All right, I get it, it's Black Friday-- the day you are required by law to go out and buy useless junk for your  friends and family at prices so low you'll be talking about it through the New Year.  But this year, why not try something different?  How about some art-- or a one of a kind piece?

I thought I would spotlight a few of my talented amigos right here-- check 'em out and get something your gift getter can't get anywhere else!

TRAVIS SIMPKINS has some amazing work on his site, and he's currently accepting a few commissions!

Simpkins Portrait Example
Everybody's favorite adjective BAMCAT is building a site to rival AMAZON for cool and jazzy art and collectibles-- for all the hep-cat's on your list you can't go wrong with something from her.

Hard to pick a single item to show from BAMCAT's growing store-- all great stuff!

ELAINE over at DOMESTIC BY DESIGN could make you a whole new kitchen, decorate your living room or teach you how to make the best omelet you'll ever have.  Check out her ETSY shop while you're there for some great furniture and prints -- something for everyone!

You won't find this at IKEA-- but you will at DBD's ETSY store!
I don't even know if she accepts commissions but head on over to Alison Undercover's Bloggie Blog and have her draw you something-- just throw money at her and I'm sure she'll comply!  I need a Batman Vs Joker drawing Alison done in under fifteen minutes just let me know what I owe ya!

I  love Alison's work!
CJ KENNEDY still does the amazing and rapidly disappearing art of  hand done Calligraphy!  She also has a fantastic sense of color and design so check out her work and get something unique and hand done!

CJ Kennedy was a cowboy in another life
Mike Briggs isn't just a Caricaturist -- or a KarIQuesist as my father in law calls them-- he's the BEST caricaturist around.  Check out his site and get some of those people you care about drawn like they stepped out of Mad Magazine!

Briggs is able to capture subtle details most cartoonists miss