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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A New Era for Zanzo Moxie!

Veronica has been doing ZANZO MOXIE for WoMAG for a number of years now and I think she's done an incredible job with it.  Trying to come up with a joke or punchline every two weeks is extremely exhausting.  It's something I always look forward to even though I usually get to see it when she's working on it.

A few weeks ago as she was penciling the latest installment she casually mentioned that she was just getting too busy to keep at it-- and trying to find something for each one had drained her of ideas.  Naturally, with three graphic novels keeping me busy and my own freelance commitments I suggested the only sensible thing-- I'd take over the writing and penciling and she would handle the inking of it.

I made the decision after plotting out a years worth of strips over a coffee at Panera Bread during our Internet Crisis which found us desperately seeking WiFi to stay in touch with clients.  Kudos to Verizon for getting the problem fixed.

I pitched the idea to her and she agreed, so expect a strip that tells a story for an entire year.  The first five sets up their relationship but then rockets ahead with an adventure that will put them into a bizarre Woo adventure.

Look for the first episode in next week's WoMag.